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TWALKITOUT: Having a “bumping against the wall” kind of experience with the publishers while getting your book published is not a rare thing for writers who are yet to hit the road to success in their career as book authors. India has a lot of heritage in form of literature and art that never looked upon the faces of publishers to spread out in their highest magnitude, but today things are a little different. Rarely do you find publishers that share the passion with the authors. If you are looking to publish book in India, PepperScript may be the answer for you.

About PepperScript

PepperScript came into existence when the founders faced complications to publish book in India. The passion for writing made them take a decision to create easy and accessible solution for others. PepperScript publishes books and also markets them to create awareness among potential readers. PepperSkin, a sister brand to PepperScript provides designing services to their clients.

publish book in india

Largely PepperScript relies upon social media marketing and word of mouth to promote their books but a lot is in the bag and they have plans to expand gradually in the future.

They keep the cost low with the best quality by their strategies from finding a suitable printer to selection of best designs for a cover.

PepperScript looks at solving the puzzle to publish book in India, they just don’t publish anything, but if they find the passion in words and resonate with the writer’s expression, you are good to go. As the knowledge to be able to choose the best of scripts for publishing is the key.

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 About the Company

PepperScript is bootstrapped and largely relies on 3 co-founders to fund the company. They boast their closely knit team of 10-12 members that works in coherence.

”PepperScript is on a constant look out to expand. The books industry needs more perspective and we are looking to venture into providing better stories and entertainment to people who enjoy reading. But, expansion is a long term plan and process.” Said Sanchit Goel.

 Our Opinion

PepperScript is an innovative approach towards publishing book in India. As they provide opportunity to independent authors, they have to have a lot of scrutiny, filtering and zoom lensing over the perspective and passion aspects they carry along as values. All in all PepperScript is a fair bootstrapped company to Publish Book in India.

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