Weekly wrap-up on twalkitout.com: Publish your book, Namma Auto, IBPS, Google Reader, PhonOn…

TWALKITOUT: It’s Monday and time for us to put up a wrap up so that you donot miss anything that past by on twalkitout.com . We covered advancements in the startup world, Facebook chat updates, new apps and many more.

Facebook Chat Updates on iOS and Android apps were rolled out beginning last week, now Facebook would allow gesture templates in the chat making it more interesting for Android and iOS users.

Forget about PRISM or any other foreign Agency spying on you, our Own Indian Government has it’ sown surveillance system known as ICMS, that keeps a watch on your calls, mails, chats and conversations.

Facebook makes a profile for you in advance gathering information from the mail lists that your friend put up in friend finder. Called Facebook Shadow Profiles, it’s a ready base for you whenever you join in.

Have you qualified IBPS exam for clerical or Probationary Officer? 60,000 are still waiting for the second round of recruitment from banks and their call letters.

TEDx Events in India are catching pace with more than 300 events successfully conducted. Let’s take a peek a boo into that’s the real scene.

Google shut down its feed reader well known as Google reader. We brought about a list of replacement that could work well for you if you rely upon feeds from various websites.

Uttrakhand floods brought havoc to Kedarnath valley killing hundreds of pilgrims. Telecom companies are helping rescue operations by setting up mobile phone booths and providing last call records of the missing people to spot their location.

Tips to stay fresh at your work place would definitely help you to concentrate and perform better. Follow these handy tips and help yourself from giving sleepy looks to your boss.

Startup reviews:

PhonOn is an application developed by a startup from Chennai which allows you to put voice comments on Facebook as well as enables voice chat for Android and iOS users.

For all the authors looking to publish a book in India, PepperScript is what we found a promising bootstrapped startup. They provide publishing services and marketing for your book as well.

Namma Auto is the new revolution on the roads of Chennai. Namma Auto Chennai is a new auto service in Chennai, based on fair digital meter and principled enough to behave well with the commuters. Tell us more about your own experience.

That’s all for this wrap up, wish you all luck for the coming week, keep yourself fresh, up and running!!

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I am based out of Shimla. Writing is my passion, and a part of my livelihood. I started writing here almost 3+ years ago and couldn't stop ever!! Apart from Twalkitout, I run an E-Commerce consulting Company named Omex E-commerce Pvt. Ltd. out of Shimla.

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