Facebook Push Notifications on Old NOKIA S40 Phones

FIRST ON TWALKITOUT: While Android and other smart phones are steadily gaining the market in India, Nokia’s S40 the proprietary feature phone operating system has still a strong hold on the Indian market. In fact, Nokia has sold around 40 million S40 devices around the world. But none of the app makers are interested in this good old platform. Only a very few are concentrating on this platform led by Facebook, Whatsapp, Foursquare and most recently LINE.

Facebook has a very rich app for the feature phones, officially called as “Facebook for Every Phone”. Its features are nothing short of a smart phone app except the fact that it doesn’t offer Facebook push notifications. But the times are changing. With a recent update pushed to the app (the minor updates to the app are automatically pushed without any notifications.

Only major updates need our attention) has included an option for “Push Notification” in the settings menu. It is hard for someone to note this, since the settings menu on the app has very little to offer and there is no need for someone to visit it, except if you want to change the app language. The feature is not working as of now. Trying to enable it gives an error message reading “The page you are requested is currently not available.” This could mean that the feature is still under construction and may need some time to function.

facebook push notifications

We suppose that this feature would use Nokia’s now built-in “Notifications” app that provide the background functionality feature for the apps. The Notifications app currently serves CNN’s and LINE’s S40 apps while Whatsapp has deeper integration with the system itself enabling it to run always in the background. If you are using the app on a Nokia feature phone, just look out for the option in the settings of the app. And if you are planning to switch to a smartphone just for the superior Facebook experience, we recommend you to kindly hold on a few more days.

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