WhatsApp now free on iOS

TWALKITOUT: The top cross-platform messaging app WhatsApp now free on iOS. It is not completely free though. It will now follow the subscription model that it uses on all other platforms including Android and Windows Phone. You are free to download and use it for the first year after that an annual subscription charge of $1 or Rs. 55 is charged every year.

whatspp now free on iOS

Whatsapp has a dominant presence across every known mobile platform – from iOS to MeeGo. It is even present on the feature phone running Nokia’s Series40 OS. Though there is a tough competition in the cross-platform messaging space, Whatsapp continue to lead the race with a huge margin.

Most of its competitors, ranging from Facebook’s Messenger, Blackberry’s BBM, Tencent’s WeChat to minor players like eBuddy’s XMS, Nimubuzz, PhonOn, offer their service completely free. Except Nimbuzz, none of the other apps have a monetization model in hand as of now.

Making WhatsApp free to download on iOS will help those who want to try its service but not ready to pay a fee for it. The users who have paid to download it previously, will not be charged for the subscription as they had obtained a life time subscription pack.

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