Google Maps for Symbian is dead?

First on Twalkitout: Google is in a closing spree. Even the big names of the Google brand are taken down over the last few months. That includes Google Reader and Google Lattitude. But in what looks like a silent shutdown, Google Maps for Symbian / S60 has been taken down by Google.

There was no formal announcement on the shutdown product. The Google mobile download’s page when accessed from a Symbian / S60 browser showed a 404 page. The desktop site still lists Google, Gmail and Google Maps apps for Symbian / S60. But there is no way to download it.


Google never published its apps on Nokia Store. The external download sites like Softpeida and CNET also points to the same page that shows the 404 error. These devices, mostly equipped with GPS, have a built-in Nokia Maps, which is far superior in experience than the Google Maps. But they are void of content.

The shutdown is indeed an expected move, as Nokia itself has abandoned the Symbian / S60 OS in favour of Asha’s Series40 Smart OS and Windows Phone for the higher tier. But the decision is way too early.

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Kavin Kumar

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