Explore Vacations and Off Beat Travel with RLT- Roads Less Traveled

TWALKITOUT: Bored of old time vacation destinations, travel packages that look good on brochures but land you up in rickety places with junk all around, if this is your story, then traveling or fun vacations look like a movie script that looks good only on the screens. If you have a passion for Explore Vacations and Off Beat Travel, then RLT may bring cheers to you. “Roads Less Travelled” is a travel platform that fulfills the urban travellers (bored of the usual hillstation circuits) needs to take off to unchartered territories, indulge in their hobbies while on travels or just chill with family & friends in an offbeat destination.

Explore Vacations and Off Beat Travel

About RLT

RLTgo is a bootstrapped venture, with a good cash flow model on the driver’s seat steering them from local scene of Manali-Leh Safari to Europe and Masai Mara (Kenya). The concept of home stays in hills away from concrete jungles, Havelis, Old Forts, British Bungalows and Camps, all in a well-planned and phrased manner is what RLT aims to do for you. Sandeep Sandhar  is revolutionizing the sector of Explore Vacations and Off Beat Travel with RLT. Sandeep, an avid mountaineer, trekker, a photographer and a state level sportsman worked for National Geographic Channel as well. The idea came from own experience and gap in the travel market.

RLTgo.com is organizing & categorizing all the scattered info on places, experiences and cultures in the form of apps, games & website. And then curating best travel operators of the region to complete the experience for travellers.

Apart from internet, a tie up with FOX Traveller TV channel for their popular show “Life Mein Ek Baar” starring Yana Gupta took RLT to a next level. All in all their model depends upon exciting packaging for Explore Vacations and Off Beat Travel on the front end, supported by intensely curated and well-knit network with local suppliers  at locations.

Our Opinion

RLT has already got a lot of traction as it fills the gap in travel industry. They look to take Explore Vacations and Off Beat Travel out of Bollywood flicks to a commoner who could definitely afford it. They have a bright future as long as the cost factors do not constrain their image as an out of reach “dream come true” service. Presently Sandeep Sandhar looks to scale up rather than an exit strategy, which is an encouraging sign for fellow entrepreneurs who look to spread their wings in similar activities.

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