Nice Pair of HEELS

TWALKITOUT: Who likes to party? We all do! Who likes to look their best in a party? We all do! A nice pair of heels makes you look and feel taller, smarter and sexier be it at work, at a mall or of course at a party. Afterall, we could all use some attention!

nice pair of heels

A nice pair of heels makes you look and feel better!

But, (I know.. I hate the word too) Cant help but notice when otherwise pretty people ruin the purpose of their stunningly gorgeous heels, when they are not able to walk properly in them. They don’t want to take the heels off, because c’mon who does that! And they choose to walk like characters from robots instead, wobbling and limping making fun of themselves as if they are being controlled through a remote control, somehow avoiding a collapse. How I wish they could just opt for a pair that is maybe an inch shorter, but makes walking by the book a doable job.

Now, those shorter everyday heels, which one wears for work or on a day out with friends. There has to be a way for the ladies to figure out when to give up on wearing those tilted withered heels, which are going to make them look funny from behind for starters, not to forget they is going to affect their posture and god forbid they may end up twisting an ankle too.

Take care of your hard earned footwear collection, and exceptionally good care of your feet, which help you stand tall amongst all the people out there! Look confident and smart but not dumb. Put your party shoes on, but handle them, and yourself, with care!

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