Flash FREEZE Mob in India

TWALKITOUT: What is a flash freeze mob? A flash freeze mob is a demonstration organized where people freeze in gestures could be normal or unusual, in a public area while passersby look on and wonder what the hell is happening!! Amused by the answer? Well Freeze mob in India is something yet to be realized on a bigger scale as the flash mobs have been. What is a flash mob? A flash mob (or flashmob) is a large group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual act to surprise people and demonstrate their motive artistically.

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Recently we witnessed one of its kind flash freeze mob in India. With a whistle, almost everyone standing in front of the Town Hall on the Mall Road, Shimla stood still as the passersby looked at the frozen ones, some in usual and some in really artistic gestures. It was something different that happened to Shimla.

Flash FREEZE mob in Shimla

Freeze mob in Shimla was organized on 13th July, 2013 by the vibrant and active TEDx community that succeeded to make mark of  TEDxCartRoad Shimla, a TED Talks event being organized here. We had a ‘twalk’ with TEDxCartRoad Shimla’s volunteering team and this is what they had to share:


The best part of this event was – it brought the entire TEDx community together. I think everyone was anxious till the last moment, people were nervous, as were entering the unknown, no one really knew what may happen! But we dared! The collective genius overcame the anxiety. And we did itNow it feels like a team.

Samir Azad:

i got to know some really good people in this community..the ‘doers’ i call them..and i discovered the doer thing in my friends whom i invited…the cyclist who froze is my cousin..i found him unique..i feel proud

Shivee Sirmauri :

I was damn nervous before the Freeze Mob but now I feel so relaxed and better.

Supriya Chaudhry:

I was really happy that so much buzz could be created, the experience was exhilarating, as I was nervous as well as excited at the same time! And once it ended i was like “wow”, that we had done it and the people were cheering. It was seriously awesome, thanks for such an opportunity, looking forward to more.

Himanshu Sood:

The best part of me is the confidence and the impetus this has given us. The feeling of being a team really comes when you get together and ‘do’ and it actually amounts to something.

Sarika Katoch:

I just got the feeling Darrr K Aage Jeet Hai….We did what we want, and we did it well, congratulations to all the team. A bit more coordination is needed…but we have learned to read each other without saying, without preparation.

Rohit Sharma:

It’s easy to get good players but getting them to play together is tricky – a lousy group becomes a focused team when the intent is right & each member is sure enough of – What his part matters to the team.

Aman Vij:

I just got to know that humanity can be molded to best things like get together for reason without any reason of selfishness.

This energetic and ever young TEDxCartRoad team put up a show and made a point in front of the whole world, that if an idea, executed with vigor and passion gets all the positive energy it needs, impossible things could be achieved in a fashioned way. It wasn’t just one of the trend setting flash freeze mob in India but a point made by the TEDxCartRoad team as well! Leave your remark as comment, if you were there too. 🙂


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