Google Chrome Password Problem and Possible Solutions

 TWALKITOUT: If you are a fan of Google Chrome browser like the millions around the world, then this is a must read for you. If you save your passwords on Google Chrome, then it can be easily accessed by anyone who has access to your computer and your user account. And that is as simple as a cakewalk. See it yourself and you would know how vulnerable it is. Go to the tools menu click on settings and select saved passwords. It lists all your password saved sites and passwords as dots. Bring your mouse over any of these passwords and click ‘show’ button. And there it is. Your password exposed! This made us ponder upon Google Chrome Password Problem.

The Chrome Password Problem

Leave aside PRISM and ICMS, this is a bad nightmare of piracy. The worst thing is that, Google doesn’t see it as a problem at all. Google’s chief of Chrome browser denies to name this as a threat to privacy. He adds that if someone has access to your OS at its user account lever, he could easily install a malware to get your data. But how about a causal friend peeping at your PC to take down some notes? Or a colleague who just uses your PC for a while you have gone for a cup of coffee? Installing a malware is a bit geeky. But going to settings and clicking on ‘show’ isn’t so.

Since Google doesn’t admit this to be a threat, there is very little option that they are going to change this anytime soon. So, our privacy is now in our hands. Here is how to overcome this Google Chrome Password Problem leading to security threat.

Solution 1: This is the toughest of all the solutions. Change your browser. We have been with Chrome for years and there isn’t any easy alternative. But Internet Explorer 10 and Mozilla Firefox are worth a try. You may need to compromise on the speed but you get an improved stability in your browsing.

Solution 2: This is prickly too. Don’t save your passwords. As long as you are a casual surfer, this might not trouble you. But if you have a lot of online presence and have the safe practice of having different passwords for every account, this option would be terrible.

Solution 3: This might be the easiest of all. Use an external password manager app. The problem is you have to install yet another extension in your chrome and remember yet another password for this password manager.

If you find all these solutions improbable, then there is just one thing you can do. Do not let anyone access your browser. If there arises a need go to settings and disconnect your Google account.

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