Security Alert: WhatsApp Loophole

FIRST ON TWALKITOUT: Whatsapp is the undisputed leader of cross-platform mobile messaging arena, a region where there is no space to breath. Filled with tons and tons of cross-platform messaging apps, this is one market which is ready to be conquered. Though there is tough competition ranging from big players like Tencent’s WeChat, LINE and the latest addition BBM to local and content specific apps like PhonOn, Nimbuzz and a lot more. This list is a never ending one. One advantage of Whatsapp is its business model.

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While others are yet to discover a way to make money, Whatsapp’s subscription model works so well. They have even switched the same way to their iOS apps which earlier followed a pay-to-download model.

Is all well with Whatsapp? It appears so. But the reality is it isn’t. There is one big loophole in the fundamental concept of Whatsapp. For those who haven’t been with Whatsapp before, it constantly scans your mobile address book and matches contacts who are on Whatsapp and creates a matched list of favorites for you. It sounds cool and works cool. And in fact, this simplicity of Whatsapp makes it unique among its competitors. But here is where the problem has its roots. whatsapp Anyone who has your mobile number, has access to your data that includes your profile picture and a status update. What’s worse is the fact that you would never know who access your data or who has you in their Whatsapp contact list. Or probably this could be the new mobile number locator. If you want to know the person giving trouble from an unknown number, just save it and his pic will be delivered to you.

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But one thing Whatsapp doesn’t offer is his/her name. Whatsapp displays the name by which you have saved the contact and doesn’t reveal their real name. But a simple trick like Google Image search can provide you that and more. There is even an in-vitro trick to find out their name. Add the unknown person and your friend (who doesn’t have that person in his contact list) to a group chat. When the unknown person responds, Whatsapp displays the name he has given while setting up his profile. It’s as easy as that.

Solution to Whatsapp Loophole?

Whenever someone adds our number to their contact list, Whatsapp might let us know about that. Or at the least Whatsapp should provide a way to take a look at the people who have our number with them. Until then, play safe with your profile picture and the nifty status update.

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