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TWALKITOUT: Travel industry as the figures tell, is a never ending dip of expectations and rewards that a well-organized sector could give. Simple booking and availability are hassles of past, as the industry shifts more towards offbeat, explore, B2B, and segmented travel concepts. To the pool of innovation in travel and tourism, added services give a rise to newer possibilities. Alternate travel concepts like “just for women traveling experiences” with curated services are what build traction and promises for F5 Escapes, the women-only travel startup.

About the Founder

Malini Gowrishankar is a Worshiper of nature and everything green. As she says, Can sit and admire a bird or a squirrel for hours. 7+ years in the corporate world as a techie and 2.5 years of freelancing career weren’t just enough to satiate her urge to do something out of the ordinary.

Having the experience of planning several travel itineraries for family, friends and herself, inside and outside India, she decided that a travel business was the way to go.


Also, having felt the pain of not being able to travel as frequently as she wanted (other than with family), owing to non-availability of good trustworthy and affordable options for women-only travel, she decided to foray into the niche segment.  The Women Entrepreneurship Program at the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore helped her ideas take shape. Thus was born, F5 Escapes. Apart from being an independent entrepreneur, she’s a proud Mom too.

About F5 Escapes

F5 Escapes is an alternate travel company, based in and around Bangalore specializing in curating memorable travel experiences, just for WOMEN. Bootstrapped company kicked the first goal with savings of the founder.

Malini Gowrishankar is the sole proprietor of F5 Escapes and bets at giving experiences, not just sight-seeing packages. They take women to very interesting places, be offbeat or well-known must visit places and let them have fun and at the same time create awareness about the local life and people. Their every trip has a unique value add bundled up, as Malini explained, “in our Jog falls trip, we took the ladies into a paddy field, interacted with the women workers there and even transplanted paddy! Add to that our meticulous planning and attention to every single detail, our service automatically becomes one of high quality.”for women travel experiences

How Does It Work

F5 Escapes sticks to integrity and core values and does business in a sorted out manner. They have tie-ups with local NGO’s and independent agencies where they arrange the experience for their customers and in exchange provide an opportunity to earn for the local people involved.

Every trip is curated and run by F5-trained woman leader who ensures a quality experience to each traveller taking good care of the shy ones as well. F5 Escapes also looks at building up a community amongst their travel enthu customers to grow concepts, ideas as well as business.

They are active on Social Networks; create a good buzz on Facebook and Twitter and depend largely on word of mouth for publicity. Malini has plans to expand from short get-away tours to long duration and journey tours. Their recent ones were part of their ‘Mungaaru Male’ series – Shivanasamudra -Talakkad & Shimoga-Jog falls. The copious rainfall this year ensured that the falls were in full glory. Both the trips were received very well by their customers.


Segmented travel and moreover an invented concept of alternate just for women traveling company F5 Escapes has a lot of potential. Though, the travel sector could anytime get flooded by offbeat travel startups just like what happened to e-commerce, we have a huge smart consumer base to be fed and only the true concept builders may find a place in a longer run. In such a scenario, the current traction and successful experiences promise a better future for F5 Escapes and Malini’s entrepreneurial dreams.

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