How to get Early Employees Join Start-up

TWALKITOUT: A good idea becomes a great company provided it gets a grip on all ends. Along with mentorship, investments and viable business model, it is very important to get early employees join start-up when it needs them the most. High attrition rate and insecure employees leaving the start-up in early phase is not a rare story. The biggest question new entrepreneurs face is how to get early employees join start-up and have faith in the employer for a long term presence. Let’s talk about what a techie desires for being a prt of a start-up.

early employees join start-ups

Motivation to join start-up

Motivate the techies to join the start-up with the opportunity to create new things and be part of adventurous experience over the monotonous work life. Motivate them to claim their ownership and responsibility and the direct accountability and credits for the work they would do.

Reflect the Positivity

You should reflect the positivity all the times in your communication. Potential employees must find an energetic, involved and self motivated leader in you. Your negativity towards your own start-up  would certainly make others lose hope in it.

Support your Confidence with Knowledge

An early employee looks for only one single thing, and that’s knowledge. You must be open to share right amount of knowledge whenever required. Too much may scare or bore the employee, and too less my lose his interest in working with you. So an entrepreneur must share an adequate amount of knowledge with the early employees.

These are the basic points in my view to get early employees join your start-up. We’ll add more resource on this particular topic soon.


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