Facebook FLAT Look Dissappearing??

TWALKITOUT: Facebook is known very well for improvising over time including acquisitions to stay on top and even borrowing looks and features. In past one year, we saw Facebook introducing ‘#’ hashtags ad buying Instagram even before that. Facebook design experiments tend to give it a flatter look ad over time, the comment boxes, profile page, the timeline and the chat widow, everything became flat. But now, to give a tough time to IMs and better integration over web, we witness Facebook FLAT look is disappearing.

Facebook ditching the FLAT look

Recently Facebook made 3 visible changes to the Web UI, mainly the IM like chat windows with vintage balloon look, the app placement on the right sidebar and the chat online status depicting the person’s online presence weather over web or mobile device.

Again, Faceebook seems to be going away from the FLAT look with the introduction of embossed “Like” buttons over social share tools like the ones in the picture. Also next time you open up a Facebook share widget, it’ll surprise you with an embossed and more highlighting “Like” button.Facebook ditching the FLAT look

Facebook is doing too much in less time to be active, responsive and maintain the edge against the threatening IMs like wechat, whatsapp, viber etc.

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