NOTA -None of the Above option in EVM, Elections India

TWALKITOUT: After 66 years of independence, India has elected 15 terms of Lok Sabha as of 2009 and we have seen gradual reforms after setting up the Election Commission in the electoral system of India. As we all know, the Election Commission has ordered the Chief Electoral Officers of all States and Union territories to provide for NOTA -None of the Above option in EVM (electronic voting machines) and ballot papers.

none of the above option in evm

NOTA -None of the Above option in the EVM does not mean a right to reject any candidate as of now, it just means that you don’t find any candidate worth electing and hence you pressed the NOTA button to reject them all and also practiced your right to voting. This is a real early stage to incorporate any action with NOTA, but on the part of electoral reforms, such options if welcomed by common man could surely put the “right to reject” sort of a solution under consideration.

Today India with second largest population needs experimentation and reforms in judicial, electoral as well as legislative systems. Most of the law and governing rules and regulations have been devised by Britishers and have been included in our Constitution with no major changes. To make our system modern, timely reforms like None of the Above option in EVM are an important part of the whole process. (img source:

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