Google ads Makeover may Impact Advertisers

TWALKITOUT: This Google ads makeover may impact advertisers as the new format makes each advertisement more differentiable from the search results. This change, currently visible in a few web browser and a couple of locations across the globe could have variable impacts, which would really depend upon the user awareness. Let us know in the comments if this change is in effect in your region.

Google ads Makeover may Impact Advertisers

New Google Ads format

Pros and Cons are pretty much of a mixed lot:

This would reduce the unnecessary CPC cost for the advertise for the people who may be clicking on the ads accidentally and then leaving the page increasing the bounce rate over the website.

As in Chrome

Old Google Ads Format

Users will be able to either better differentiate between the search results and the advertisements or may get an impression of it as a search result.

This would also impact the advertisers who have been getting these accidental clicks into leads over the years.

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