Unexpected Google Pagerank Update in December 2013

TWALKITOUT: There seems to be a change of plans as some of our friends had an unexpected Google Pagerank update in Google Pagerank toolbar today. Many of us considered Google Pagerank and toolbar dead after Google’s head of search spam, Matt Cutts had said on Twitter that Google won’t be pushing out a new Google Toolbar PageRank update this year.

google Pagerank update

The last update on the Google toolbar page rank was reported on 4th of Feb. 2013 and many of us consider page rank to be dead. Many of experts mentioned on their blog that there would be no page rank update in 2013, but our friends at DamnGeeky experienced a change in their page rank, some of others have also seen a change in the number. check for your websites and blogs how are you faring in this unexpected update.

Google uses 200 other parameters to assess the quality of a website other than a Google PageRank, still its not a bad idea to watch for every statistic to be on our side.


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