Falling Facebook Page Organic Reach could be prevented with Focused Content and Buying ads

TWALKITOUT: Facebook page admins are worried with suddenly falling Facebook page organic reach over the past one week. This is a shocking yet expected story form the Facebook news room, and we have an explanation.

falling facebook page organic reach

Why did Facebook reduce organic Reach of your Page update?

Facebook wants better and relevant content on a user’s news feed and it won’t really mind ignoring all the effort you made in preparing your post, if Facebook finds it irrelevant to the follower. Fall in Facebook page organic reach could be prevented with focused and better content lets understand how.

An average user’s News Feed is expected to get 1500 possible stories in a single day. Now, to save the news feed from becoming a continuously running scroll, Facebook has curtailed the amount of your friend’s activity or the liked page updates visible to you based on relevance and your interests.

“People use Facebook to share and connect, including staying current on the latest news, whether it’s about their favorite celebrity or what’s happening in the world. We’ve noticed that people enjoy seeing articles on Facebook, and so we’re now paying closer attention to what makes for high quality content, and how often articles are clicked on from News Feed on mobile. What this means is that you may start to notice links to articles a little more often (particularly on mobile).” Published by Facebook News Room on 2nd December, 2013.

What is the solution to Falling Facebook Page Organic Reach?

According to our analysis, I found two apt solutions to fight for that space on the follower’s news feed:

1)      Use the blogs: If you are a brand or a business page, make use of your blog for product education and promotion in an informative way. Facebook is likely to ignore the meme pictures and plain text.

As a proof to this, we have seen Facebook make changes to how blog updates appear, giving them bigger squares in the news feed fetching the image from the blog itself.

Facebook Update: Adds Bigger Link Image

Enlarged picture fetched from the blog post.

2)      Create better content revolving around the interests of the followers, being precise and too the point, creating engaging content and moreover sticking to the niche.

3)      Buying Ads: Buying Facebook ads to fight falling Organic reach looks like a good idea as it would make your posts visible to existing followers and help you engage new ones as well.

The Space on Facebook News Feed is none less than a virtual banner location and Facebook wants to make the best out of this virtual real estate. Facebook is trying hard to make things better for mobile usage which is also a major contributing factor for the current changes.

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