Marathons in India Calender 2014

TWALKITOUT: Here’s an exhaustive list of Marathons in India to be conducted in the year 2014. We have compiled a complete calender from January to May, 2013 but before that, take a look at top marathon events in India:

1) Sabarmati Marathon 2014

They have 3 main categories – full marathon of 42.195 km, half marathon of 21.097 km, dream run of 7 km and 2 special categories of wheelchair event of 5 km and visually challenged person’s run of 5km. Highest prize amount one will get in is of Rs.6,00000 .

2) Mutthu marathon

Famous for Encouraging rural sports and have been categories into male, female and quid categories including full marathon of 42 km for males, half marathon of 21 km for both , 11km run for both again, 6km run for females , 8km walk for both

3) Dawn to dusk marathon

A running event aimed to raise funds for “Bal Sanjeevani” to give treatment for Cerebral Palsy (a neural disorder) to needy for free.

4) Run with me

It’s a Non-profit association of runners to promote joy of running.

5) Corbett marathon

The 5km and 10km runners will get a certificates and medals on finishing. They Provide training for full marathon before the marathon.

6) Calicut marathon

The uniqueness of the Calicut mini-Marathon lies in the fact that each edition has a social cause and elicits social awareness attach with them. This time “Empowering Women” is the theme of marathon.

7) Surat night marathon

It’s one race with 8 categories. The Prize money for the Surat half marathon is one of the highest in the country. The total prize money under all categories is 22 Lakhs.

8) Goa marathon

Aimed to raise funds for the following
a) Safe and decent homes for families in need
b) Sanitation facilities for target communities
c) Educational centers for children in Goa and the Konkan region

9) Kolkata marathon

The Kolkata Marathon is the largest and biggest marathon in Eastern India and it offers the prize amount of Rs. 3, 20000

We will keep updating this calender from time to time, You are free to comment with any event that we may have missed.

Marathons in India Calender 2014

Marathon Date Venue Website/link
Sabarmati marathon 5th jan Ahemdabad
Mutthu marathon 5th jan Vaikuntham selleamman kovil
Dawn to dusk marathon 5th jan IIT campus, chennai
Panchkula running and living marathon 5th jan north park hotel, panchkula
Kolkata marathon 5th jan nil
Lavasa hill run 5th jan lavasa hills
Kharghar marathon 12th jan Ramseth Thakur Public School
Ultra india race 13th jan munnar
Mathe run 12th jan Maharashtra Nature Park Society,
Standard Charted Mumbai Marathon 19th jan
Xwarrior race 2nd feb nehru stadium
Oxfam trailwalker india 24th jan
Ambuja jaipur marathon2nd feb
Cool runners 2nd feb Chennai
Auroville marathon 9th feb Pondicherry
Goa marathon 9th feb
Surat night marathon 22nd feb
Calicut marathon 23rd feb Calicut beach
Corbett marathon 19th april
Run with me 25th jan Gurgaon
Himalayan rush triathlon 29th march
Global racers lots of events in 2014
Himalyan running 2nd may Banjara Camp at Batseri Village


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