LinkedIn Problems concerning Reviewing, Comment moderation, Submission, Contacting Group Owners.

TWALKITOUT: LinkedIn Problems concerning Reviewing, Comment moderation, Submission, Contacting Group Owners are bothering this self moderated community a lot. Why are comments and post submissions going into pending or under review? Famous social networking site LinkedIn, founded in 2002 is nowadays apprehend inside the fence of sarcasm by users. Recently, many professionals on the site faced similar problems concerning reviewing, comment moderation, query revert, comment submission, group owners.

linkedin problems of susmission

The mentioned staple issues not faced by a single user rather many have reported and asked for the solutions. Many professionals have tried to understand the reasons behind these problems. The conclusions that came out of all discussions are:

1)   Refusal to accept discussion points and updates.

Moderators are not regular in most of the groups hence one gets the reply after a long while

 2)   Automatically, submission of comments for reviewing or putting comments in threads.

One will face the problem of moderation only when he/she is deleted from the respective group. One can remove himself from the process of moderation only if person sends personal message to group managers/ owners.

3)   How to contact group owners.

To find group owners/ managers- go to the group home page move cursor on group menu and then click on group profile from the menu at the bottom and here it comes the group profile owners/ managers.

4)   How to make sure that right person is evaluating comments as commenters don’t find it easy to get through to the admins.

 5)   What will happen if one leaves a group and rejoin the same, still the comment be under the process for reviewing?

 6)   How one would understand that he / she is being blocked or not? As they don’t get any notifications.

There is no automatic notification system regarding deletion or moderation. Group owner can notify the concerning person individually.

 7)   Linkedin censorship.

Many website and stock analysts have analyzed that “Linkedin censorship” for comments can led Linkedin future under the suspicion.

 These issue indeed requires keen eyes of Linkedin analysts as it’s not just a bunch of teenagers or school kids on the network, it can definitely taint the popularity of “Linkedin” amongst 200 million users and also in the world of online media and social networking.                             

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