Are Family Clinics in India Future of Health Care?

Family clinics in India, to explain in simple words are a one stop clinic for all your and you family’s ailments and illness. As India witnessed a boom in specialty treatment in 1980’s, health care segment saw a rise in investment, man power and fat pocketed consumers who were ready to spend for the regular checkups, diagnosis and treatment.  Though, we looked at a time when India as a whole experienced a rise in life expectancy on an average, medical practice became a booming career stream in our country.

family clinics in India

A matter of fact is that most of primary healthcare services and expenses do not get insurance cover in India. Specialty treatment hospitals rely upon insurance sector to run without a glitch and save their as well as patient’s financial interest and medical well-being. This situation creates a bottle neck where middle and upper-middle class needs an option that fills the gap. Family clinics pop up as a feasible option and hence are booming in India.

Across metros and urban environment in India, medical entrepreneurship has swiftly risen above medical practice and ambitious entrepreneurs (won’t be an exaggeration to say, if most of them have a medical practitioners’ background) have been setting up family clinic chains mainly over the last two years.

These facilities packed one stop solution clinics are equipped with latest health care technology, equipment and seasoned teams of doctors who have time to listen to your medical history and record it for profiling and analysis. Consequently they are in a situation to have personal knowledge and history of whole family.

Booming Sector of Family Clinics has been already accepted and well adopted by the market. In July 2011, Naresh Malhotra, the man after CCD’s rapid expansion and market acceptance, launched Modern Family Doctor, a Bangalore-based health care venture and its first clinic under the brand name The Family Doctor. The chain has now expanded to 20 clinics across Bangalore and Pune. Malhotra is looking to open 100 clinics over the next 12 months in these two cities and 500 across the country over the next four to five years. “It’s exactly the same as building a retail brand. I believe that I can use my experience at CCD in a more meaningful way in the health care space,” says Malhotra.

Family Clinics prove to be a cost effective and viable to replicate model for investors and the management split over micro level poses a win-win situation in the market until we see it flooded. For now, Family clinics are back to India in a different setup.

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