Figure Out What to Gift your Valentine with Wishpicker

Lately there has been a stream pouring with options of where to buy, how to buy. Pay online or Cash on Delivery. You name it and they have it. Coupons, Offers and what not. Now what we needed was a good friend to help choose what to gift. Most of us find it really difficult to choose a gift for our loved ones.Figure out what to gift your valentine with Wishpicker, who have earned a name for their work with a comprehensive media coverage on almost all notable start up story websites in India.


Wishpicker, an extremely useful product, that provides great gift ideas

to anyone unable to figure out what to gift when an occasion is around the corner. You can search for a ‘Romantic-Birthday-gift-for-Girlfriend’, or ‘Creative-Anniversary-gift for Religious-Middle Aged-parents’.

Experts at Wishpicker claim to have their gift recommendations powered by some very complex algorithms, developed by a team of engineers from the IITs. ‘Human touch’ is added by a team of curators, who ensure that each gift on Wishpicker is unique in its own right.

Gifts are curated from almost 20 online stores, and this helps the user get access to the best that is available across the web – all at one place. Be it the Valentine’s day or a birthday or any occasion that calls for a sweet gift. you know where to go for the best gifting Ideas.

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Anuj Sharma

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