NASCOMM 10000 Startups Winner Jiffstore Plans to Expand

Jiffstore is an urban problem solver and comes handy in every day real life situation. Jiffstore plans to expand beyond Bangalore. Let’s hear the story first. Four friends gathered to watch a 20 20 match wanted some snacks to flavor the thrilling match and called up the local store. It took them half an hour to connect to the store keeper – the phone was busy most of the time and no one picked up the call. Hence, JiffStore!!

Jiffstore connects offline stores to netizens

jiffstore plans to expand

Though e-commerce is trying tip to toe to replace the offline purchasing practices, but the real solution lies in connecting the already well settled offline stores to the buyers who have developed relationships and believe in the services of local shops.

Jiffstore, presently has conquered Bangalore with its presence in 12 areas. Jiffstore, has brought local stores in Bangalore online. Ordering to your local store is now as simple as sending a WhatsApp message. You can find your store in Jiffstore website/app. The IT professionals in Bangalore have been avid users of Jiffstore and have contributed to our efforts to tech-enable local stores with valuable feedbacks. Jiffstore is now available on iOS, Android and web.

After Bangalore, Jiffstore plans to expand to 2 more cities in India this year. Biggest leap lies in getting the stores to join in and live up to the expectations of netizens.

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