Nimble, Revolutionary PC Control Device by Intugine Technologies

When computers came into being, we interacted with them through punched cards and printers. Days have passed and with the improvement in GUIs keyboards and mouse became an integral part of any computing platform. With the rise of smartphones and tablets, we are into a new dimension of ‘touch everything’. But still, we are touching the device for things to happen. You need to touch it to open a photo, slide it to move through them and pinch it to zoom. Okay, that’s the present. What about the future?

“Nimble” Gesture and motion controlling device by Intugine Technologies


To put in a nutshell, Nimble is a remote control for your touch devices. Sit on your couch, pinch in the air and it will zoom on your screen. You don’t actually touch anything but do your gestures in the air. Shaped like a ring, it fits snugly on your fingers. It is Nimble that communicates the motion to the sensor. This information is then transferred to the computer. This invention by the IITian Harshit Shrivastava, Founder & CEO and a 3rd year student of Mechanical Engg at the college, is a very tiny device that surrounds your fingers. When you are wearing this, your hand movements are captures and are processed as gestures performed on your touch device.

Sounds like a science fiction? But this is a real technology in work and now at your fingertips.

This is exactly what’s future. Though there are a lot of attempts to emulate a similar technology, like what Pranav Mistry demoed on TED, they involved a lot of gadgets at the user end. But this technology would be almost invisible putting a very small semi-transparent band on your fingers.

A snippet from their Press Release on

“We were fascinated by the thought of physically interacting and shaping the world inside computers. Driven by the entrepreneurial zeal to do something amazing, we developed a very powerful motion sensing technology. It delivers the experience that we wanted. It is highly responsive and accurate to write and paint in the air. At the same time, working over 15 ft, and supporting multiple players, it brings a new magic in gaming experience. It’s reliable and stable enough to use in your Business presentations. In a way, it’s a bit artistic, a bit corporate and a lot crazy. We wanted to share this experience with people. That’s when we came together and turned this into a company.” – said Harshit Shrivastava, Founder & CEO and a 3rd year student of Mechanical Engg at the college.

Why is it so important? Right now only hand-held devices are controlled by your fingers. For a larger thing like your TV, you need a remote to perform everything, since you cannot go and touch it every time. Imagine a TV, which you can touch, of course remotely, to control it. Or a Gaming Console, playing your favorite game, without even a controller. Everything, just by moving your hand and fingers, nothing else. For more information visit

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