Pinkathon Bangalore 2014 International Women’s 10K Run (Postponned to 23rd Feb)

What is Pinkathon Bangalore 2014 ?

Pinkathon is a 10K all women’s run organized by Maximus Events. The event is organized in over 10 cities all across India.The first ever Pinkathon International Women’s 10K run was held in Mumbai on 16th December 2012. the main focus of this run remains women’s fitness & health; specifically aiming at breast cancer awareness and overlooking the barriers of age, social & economic groups.

Pinkathon 10K all womens run

Milind Soman at Pinkathon (credits:

Pinkathon Bangalore 2014 is to be held on 16th Feb. 2014. the run is open for teams and individuals and registerations could be done at their website for 3K, 5K, & 10K categories. The registration fees for the event is INR 600. Part of this amount goes to Women’s Cancer Initiative.

Can Men Participate in Pinkathon Bangalore 2014?

NO, men cannot participate in the run. It is an ALL WOMEN’S RUN. If a male participant has registered for the run, he could transfer his registration to a female friend or family member.

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When did Pinkathon Start?

The initial event in Mumbai received over whelming response,  with the participation of over 2000 women, a host of celebrities & even tribal women participating and supporting the cause, the Maximus team, under the guidance of Milind Soman, decided to go forward with the second edition of the event. Over the year of 2013, Pinkathon will be hosted across Delhi, Bangalore and Pune, apart from Mumbai.

Pinkathon Bangalore

Pinkathon Bangalore (credits:

To quote Milind Soman as on the Pinkathon website:

I believe that we as a populace should do whatever it takes to raise awareness about breast cancer and keep it at bay. Running, as a fitness medium, addresses most of the top 10 ways to help prevent breast cancer. It not only promotes well-being but also raises immunity levels and energizes a healthy lifestyle to help fight diseases like cancer that increasingly threaten the modern day society.

Pinkathon Bangalore 2014 held a Press Conference on with Milind Soman, Reeth Abraham, Gul Panag, RJ Lavanya & Maya Chakravarthy addressing the press. Pinkathon has attracted thousands of corporates in cties like Mumbai and Bangalore, as it moves forward with a noble cause.


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