Popular hashtags on Auto Expo 2014

The internet searches are all about Latest news on Auto Expo. According to a report by the search giant Google on the consumer search patterns on Auto Expo, auto queries have shot up over 250 per cent on mobile devices, leaving everything behind. To keep a tab on your favorites, keep a tab on popular hashtags on Auto Expo 2014.

auto expo venueExpected number of visitors at Auto Expo per day: 75,000

Vehicle capacity: 70 vehicles pre launch

Exhibition Halls: 14

Entry Exit Gate: 6

Area to be covered: 70,000 sq m

If you want to follow popular brands, follow the following #hashtags to follow on Social Networks:

  • #Cars  #BMW   #India   #Ford   #Car
  • #Nissan   #SUV   #Toyota    #Delhi
  • #Chevrolet   #Tata    #Honda    #Sedan
  • #Audi   #AutoExpo    #Chevy    #Maruti
  • #Hyundai   #Hatchback    #Auto

As the 12th edition of the Auto Expo 2014 will be held from February 5-11, We are expecting an even higher rise in the searches as the day of Expo comes closer.

Latest on Auto Expo 2014 Preparation are a hot zone, as it is jointly organized by the Automotive Component Manufacturers Association (ACMA), Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM).

With such numbers, Greater Noida is expected to handle the traffic with proposed diversions, sign boards, accessory parking lanes and efficient real time management of traffic.

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