Google After Fake Youtube Video Views: What should You do!

YouTube publishers are often lured by Fake YouTube Video Views offer thrown at them via various agencies. Let us warn you before hand that all your money is gonna go to vein because Google is after Fake YouTube video views. One of the latest measures from the web giant to curb  web tricks, Google has decided to audit the number of Views to catch the fake YouTube Video views.

YouTube has become a portal of worldwide video releases, a teacher, library of How-to’s and much more. Looking to learn guitar? New technology in web development? Or you want to build your own car! It’s all there on YouTube.

Fake YouTube Video Views: Why do we do it?

fake youtube views

YouTube Video publishers often have a thing in their mind that a higher number of views on their video may impress the viewer and earn them a credit. There are some obvious reasons to use fake views.  But in real terms, most of the YouTube videos with fake views do not even have 10% of original viewership and fake views can never make your video go viral. The real secret lies in creating useful or entertaining content.

 Fake YouTube Video Views: How it’s done?


Google is after fake YouTube video views, the first thing that pops up is how is it done? Agencies promising fake YouTube views create a stack of dead accounts. Now we have modern day tools like captcha to prevent this, but still its not a big deal to create accounts. Now agencies own millions of such dead accounts, that have a web presence, but do not operate. These dead accounts are used to ping your video on YouTube to increases the number of views.

Type ‘buy YouTube views’ into Google’s search engine, and hundreds of companies touting their wares appear, including some paying Google to advertise their services using its AdWords.

Another way to generate Fake YouTube views is by pinging the URL. We have ping servers that keep on pinging the YouTube video URL in a regular interval and timed according so that every ping is counted as a view on the URL. This technique being the old school comes real easy in the grip and Google demotes the Video in Organic search.

“When some bad actors try to game the system by artificially inflating view counts, they’re not just misleading fans about the popularity of a video, they’re undermining one of YouTube’s most important and unique qualities,” wrote YouTube software engineer Philipp Pfeiffenberger in a blog post announcing the news.

“While in the past we would scan views for spam immediately after they occurred, starting today we will periodically validate the video’s view count, removing fraudulent views as new evidence comes to light. We don’t expect this approach to affect more than a minuscule fraction of videos on YouTube, but we believe it’s crucial to improving the accuracy of view counts and maintaining the trust of our fans and creators.”

Google is after Fake YouTube Video Views: What Should I do?

We all know the might of Google, so there’ no benefit in being a smart ass ad paying for views. Rather spend that money on advertising and promotion of your video, concept and what you have captured. You could use Adwords just like for any other campaign. It’s not an expensive deal if done properly. you get measured results for the amount of money you pay. What you get in return? Its the real people out there watching your video.

Use off page White hat optimization for your videos. By white hat i mean playing by rules and posting about your video on relevant web portals where people might actually be looking for the similar stuff. Hire the agencies that actually get this done. this would be the fair value for your money.

Take your YouTube Video URL out in the real world. make yourself seen rather than living in a fake world of perception made by millions of dead accounts.

For a long term presence it advised to stick to fair policies, in case you want to create a one day web balloon, you know the way to go!!

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