Why Flappy Bird creator is pulling the game from app stores?

Flappy Bird is a mobile game for iOS and Android, has been downloaded an estimated 50 million times in a very short period, making it one of the most successful mobile games of all time. though it was released some time back, has gone viral across the globe. Flappy Bird got so viral that people started to loose their sleep over it trying to get a high score.


Ad Revenues for Flappy Bird have risen to almost  $50,000 per day in ad revenues, said the Creator Dong Nguyen of DotGears Studios.

Why Flappy Bird creator is pulling the game from app stores?

Now with all that success coming to the developer unexpectedly, Flappy Bird has attracted a lot of criticism as well. Some say that the level so this game are irritatingly tough and the player just goes on to get to the next level. Playing the game is too easy, just a Flappy Bird crossing hurdle as you tap the screen to boost it up and leaving the screen to let it fall freely.

Twitter got flooded with rumors of Dong Nguyen getting sued over the game’s similarity to Mario Brothers. hashtag #flappybird rose to No. 1 on Twitter.

Why Flappy Bird creator is pulling the game from app stores is explained in a series of tweets by the creator himself.

flappy birds tweet flappy birds tweet flappy birds tweet

We’re not sure weather its a publicity stunt or the real truth, but yes, its time to go to the app store and try Flappy Bird before its really off the app stores.

Post the announcement, as the game hit its first 50 Million downloads, an update to the game was released making the pace a little slower and changing the color of pipes a little to differentiate it from Mario. May be the developer is trying to make the game a little less frustrating for players and kill the rumors of getting sued for any copyrights.

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