Amazing After Effects of Taking Flappy Bird down from App stores!!

As the game is off the web, we have been witnessing some astonishing after effects of taking Flappy Bird down from app stores. Flappy Bird has attracted a lot of attention around the globe. Now we know that the creator of the Flappy Bird decided to take it down, so he did. We tried to get into the details of why Flappy Bird creator pulled the game from app stores as explained in a series of tweets by the creator himself.

Flappy Bird clones hit the web

Even before the game was rolled back from app stores, we encountered some developers boasting about the Flappy Bird Clones they have developed on either iOS Physics Engines or other platforms. Similar games popped up on the stores in the following.


Apple iPhones with Flappy Bird installed hit eBay at KILL ME prices!!

To my amazement, people listed their iPhones that had Flappy Bird installations on eBay as soon as the game was rolled back.

Some iPhones with Flappy Bird are even prices at staggering 10 Grands . look for your Self:

flappy bird iphone on ebay

iPhones with Flappy Birds selling on eBay

Flappy Bird Projects flooding Freelancing Portals

Freelancing portals like Freelancer, oDesk etc. have been flooded with projects for development of Flappy Bird like Games. Minimum project cost ranging around $500. this one just took me off my feet. A low graphic game out there for starting at $500 development price on freelancer portals.

flappy bird freelance

Flappy Bird Projects on Freelance Portals

No one cared about Flappy Bird for half a year and now every one’s mad about it

Just one month prior, it was a great day if Flappy Bird got 20 total reviews on the App Store. Up until second week of January 2014, there had never been an hour in which Flappy Bird received even 10 reviews.

Write in comments if I’ve missed any dramatic consequence in the scene!!

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