Whatsapp out for 3 hours: Why? When? & Reaction

Whatsapp is the leading mobile messenger sweeping across Asia, North America and Europe. Facebook paid $19 Billion in a spree to acquire Whatsapp that included cash and value in form of shares. What made news for the messenger now is a little embarrassing and shocking!! Whatsapp out for 3 hours?? Whatt?? Right after the $19 Billion acquisition??

whatsapp outage

Whatsapp suffered an outage for more than three hours last night, frustrating users to the edge. Netizens took the rage out on other social networks and digital media just got flooded with What? How?and Why? about the Whatsapp outage.

Why the Whatsapp outage?

There is yet no clear statement from the owners, but Facebook refereed the techies at Whatsapp team for any enquirers and the answer was “server issue”. There is nothing fishy in a server issue for a messaging app running at a scale of 540 million users and may have suffered a sudden hike in the number of users with all the media talking about it after the $19 Billion acquisition. While every single tech blog and twitter account buzzing the Whatsapp story, there is no denial in the fact that  readers must have tried and checked the app who were not already using it.

When did Whatsapp go down?

WhatsApp tweeted to its more than 1 million Twitter followers on Saturday around 5:48 p.m. EST (2248 GMT).

That is around 2AM Saturday IST. Had it happened in the day time of Asian time zones, the out cry would have been severe, as the messenger shares most of the 540 million user base from Asian countries.

India Reacting to Whatsapp outage

Whatsapp users took the rage out on other social networking platforms like Twitter, Facebook etc and the digital media got flooded with the Whatsapp outage story!!

“Whatsapp down..Good start Mark Zuckerberg” Said Chirag Bogra, a techie and a long time whatsapp user.

“Meanwhile Mr Modi claiming somewhere, “Bhaiyo aur beheno, Gujarat me abhi bhi whatsapp chal rha hai!” posted by startup Owlgrin founder Mohit Mamoria

“No Whatsapp” and world seems to be falling apart ..All whatsappers on Facebook.
Smart move by #MarkZuckerberg” Posted Peeyush Candaik, an avid blogger and social Networker.

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