Emotional Networking Website startup from IIM Alumni could be the next big thing!!

Social Networking has an all new meaning now. It has various forms, media and platforms. With the unimaginable impact that Facebook has already had on us, social networking  has found its application in our daily lives in various forms. Social networking comes with its own bitterness when it comes to increasing number of cases involving frauds and people getting addicted to the internet and cutting off from real life, family and friends or the netizens feeling lonely in their real lives, with none to actually understand their feelings and give the much needed emotional support.

SharingDard.com claims of more than 1 Lakh active Users


SharingDard.com an emotional networking website startup from IIM Alumni could be the answer to all the loneliness and imbalance in social life that has appeared due to ambiguous use of online Social Networks.

Sharingdard.com Co-founders

Sharingdard.com Co-founders

What is SharingDard.com?


SharingDard.com is World’s 1st Emotional Networking website. Here we encourage peer to peer interaction of users that consequently lead to sharing of emotions. The users are Anonymous on this portal. We encourage open discussions about grief, sorrow, stress, anxiety etc. and eventually provide a platform where people can Share their true self Anonymously.” explained Ritika Sharma, co-founder and 2011 batch IIM Alumni.

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How does SharingDard.com work?


Basically, SharingDard.com looks to provide the “afraid-to-tell-I-have-a-problem” people, an online space where they can share their worries or frustrations or simply things that bug them. Co-founders felt the need of such a helping hand online themselves. “We did it because we ourselves felt that need, to have a listener who could actually understand our problems not just sympathize with us. And frankly since this sector is still pretty unorganized; we liked the challenge” added Ritika in a conversation on The Rodinhoods. She said, “We have as our Key Advisers, two eminent Psychologists and Psychotherapists Dr. Kanan Khatau Chikal(http://www.linkedin.com/in/drkanan) & Mrs. Jasmine Khattar having over 30 years of experience in the field of Psychology.”

The start-up has already got a lot of attention over the print media with Times of India and The Hindu publishing about them in their regional segments. SharingDard.com stands well with  a marker pointing at 1,07,255 active users and several case studies where the users have acknowledged that using SharingDard.com they were able to enrich their daily lives and keep their hopes alive.


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