Google Released Scraper Report Form to Help Original Content Writers

Content Scraping in the name of content curation has caught the web and confused Google for a long time now. We often see the scrapping sites ranking well above in the search results for the content they scrape form the sites that originate the content and fall behind, sometimes to the 3rd to 4th page as well. Matt Cutt’s announcement comes with a sign of relief.

Matt Cutts


To help original content writers, Google released Scraper Report form today, helping original content writers to report the better ranking scrapping websites for their content without filing a DMCA.
Google Scrapper Report Form To use this form, webmasters can submit scraper sites that have copied their original content by providing Google with the source URL, where the content was taken from, and the URL of the scraper site where the content is being republished and the keywords where the scraper site was ranking on.How to use Google Scraper Report Form?

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If you spot a scrapping website ranking well for your original content, all you need to do is report it to Google using this Scraper Report Form.You need the following information handy:

1) URL on your site where the content was taken from.

2) The exact URL on the scraper site.

3) Google search result URL that demonstrates the problem: This means the URL of the search result page when you encountered the scrapping site ranking better than yours

.4) This is the last step where you need to confirm that your site follows Google Webmaster Guidelines and is not affected by manual actionsWebmaster Guidelines are located at

There are many possibilities to which Google could put this data to use. Sometimes the scrapping website proves out to be using the content in more insightful manner providing better information, but with an increase in the websites scrapping information just to create a cumulative database or fetch content in order to generate content for ad programs create a mess.Google could also put this data to design the algorithmic editors to pickup least indexed sites that are real source to valuable info.

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  • BharatDG

    This comes as a pleasant surprise. Content scraping needs to take a back seat. Google has made numerous attempts with it previous algorithm updates, but Scraper Report Form seems to assist original content creators to nab scraper by their collar and drag them to the Google court of justice.

    • anuj sharma

      Yes, true and this method doesn’t even involve filing any DMCA. but there are fears that this tool may go harsh on explanation blogging.


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