How Internet of Things could ruin your Life

While we talk about connecting maximum human population on the planet via internet, making internet accessible is the prime issue, which once solved will open boundless possibilities for Internet of Things. There are numerous questions that are still unanswered with a disrupting technology as Internet of things, concerning security and privacy.

Internet of Things

We already have heard alot about free internet from space, North Koreans shooting up toaster sized satellites into space to get uncensored internet. They’ll initially be used for one-way communication to provide services like emergency updates, news, crop prices, and educational programs.

What is Internet of Things?

A world where physical objects are seamlessly integrated into the information network, and where physical objects can become active participants in business processes. Services are available to interact with these ‘smart objects’ over the Internet, query, and change their state and any information associated with them.” –SAP AG

Possibilities with Internet of Things


Possibilities with Internet of things are immense. Imagine your shoes stuffed with micro-controllers and sending data to your device in hand or computer back home to record all your movements, track, calories you burnt and more.

Healthcare services could be immensely improved as more connected devices in an ICU would sure make the real-time data available to professionals around the globe.


You love the plants in your garden at home and you could control the water sprinkler with your phone while at work, or keep a check on your house with the help of a kitchen toaster. Turning the shade of lights in your room just to sooth your mood at any given point of time. Sounds funny or rather a si-fi movie script, but all this going to come true very soon.

How Internet of Things could ruin your life


Just like innumerable possibilities, Internet of things could ruin your life equally! With experts raising concerns over security and privacy, nothing can be ruled out.

Currently, a person can be monitored and tracked with the electronic communication devices. Agencies around the world are ready to store heaps of data to profile everyone connected and predict their possible course of action and decisions. with Internet of things, there would be more devices, more data, in fact more kinds of data to track, monitor, store and profile. this would not only breach privacy at a whole new level but also build a negativity among the people.

Tweet Raging online

Everything that’s free on web gets paid for with the promotional content accompanying along. Basic example being this is you can search Google for free because of the Ad blocks surrounding the genuine search results, very article that you’re reading comes at the cost of ads being displayed. Now, as you control more devices over internet and exchange more data, the whole system would have to be monetized some how if you don’t have to pay for it. the answer is Promotional content.

Here you wear out the sole of your connected shoes and there you get a sales call from the marketing agency to buy a new one. Or may be an ad in your Google search concerning the very connected devices that goes out of shape.

The verdict on Internet of Things


Though there’s no doubt about how Internet of Things could make lives better, but we could be feeling pity at our own misery if things go out of proportions with no directives being in place. Who would not mind betting on the hardware when such a disrupting technology is expected to evolve every second with hubs of innovation across the world gearing up, take an example from wearable tech itself.

(image credits: Flickr/thebadastronomer and Wikimedia)

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