Building a Bridge Between your Startup and Personal Issues!!

It’s no rocket science to understand that all of us (the startup guys) have chosen a path where life is not sucking nariyal paani with a straw (my Indian proverb for sucking pinacolada). It’s far more difficult to take care of your employees, clients, work processes (if you’ve been successful in developing them) when you are the one everyone looks at even if a router stops blipping that status LED(happened to me).


While you were enjoying the first victory at your 6 month old startup (headquarters)  you discovered that you are not spending enough time with people important to you. All of a sudden, you get portrayed as a person madly running after his/her dreams and doesn’t care anymore about anyone else and the race for success would never end!! Yes it comes as a shock in the beginning, but my friend your relationships are an investment that may go bad any time based on the sentiment. That’s where you need to draw a line.


It’s a crucial project that may decide the bread and butter for you and your paraphernalia  and back home you are expecting a child. Yes It gets that tough to make a call as happened with some of my determined friends where they had to make a choice. It’s the time you make a call and it’s up to you to decide which side do you take!! That’s where you need to draw a line.


Your mom is desperate to replace that dining table at home but you need to add a couple of more seats to accommodate a bigger team to tackle the new business acquisition you did. This may not be the case with most of the cash rich startups, but if you really bootstrap from a vulnerable position, you must have or will be facing a synonymous situation, largely when you have quit your job to startup. you’re never that sensitive as you have a lot at stake. That’s where you need to draw a line!!


It’s been a year celebrating birthdays and given due diligence to your personality, you get invited to every single of them. Who hates being social when you could get a chance to meet new people, eat good food and break a leg(or shake a leg for sure)? But after a year or so, when all your pocket money or savings are going to fund your startup, everyone starts missing your birthday celebrations a little too much!! “OH Yes!! When is your birthday party bro?” and you quietly get away with a poor joke that only a fellow startup guy would understand!! Or If you get lucky, your friends may get a cake and beer for you believing in what you have been doing with your green bills!! Well that’s where you need to draw a line!!

Building a Bridge Between your Startup and Personal Issues!!

In my opinion, there are a few key points that all of us need to adhere to or append them to our zeal and energy towards our startup idea. Every time our idea, projects and deliveries give us goosebumps of joy, these points must get reiterated in a row.

Communication sets the basics for everything. The point here is to make sure to deliver the appropriate message to your near and dear ones. Its about making them feel that you are there for them even if not present physically all the times. Beware, you could get blamed for being unrealistic, but make sure to split some time for them now and then. Even if they are not able to make it, make sure they know that you did!!

Planning is crucial. From the day one of your startup, do not forget to plan. I agree the planning part doesn’t really come so early and most of us believe in connecting things and efforts later on. But this doesn’t work in the worst case scenario that may be is yet to come. Do not forget to plan your time, expense, meetings, schedules, proposals and make every effort to work it out. Try to segregate an hour or so for yourself and things you like to do or meet people you love. After all being an organized startup attracts more business, synergy in the team and helps you deliver in time.

Set Goals, Deadlines and Pit Stops. Setting targets for yourself not only helps you stay competitive but also tell you where to take a pit stop to get back to rest of the things, i.e your personal life. managing your personal life adds on to the peace of mind. You can not just abandon people who have been around you for years or even decades.

Stop Talking about it ALL THE TIMES!! Stop talking about your business, startup, projects all the times.To have something to talk about, you must experience it first and that you do when you spare some time for yourself! It’s a vicious circle that keeps coming back at you. Self improvement and may be an answer to all.

I have gathered all that I wrote some from my personal experiences and a few from what I’ve got from my fellow entrepreneurs. Yes it’s good to learn from mistakes, but the damage is far lesser when the mistakes are someone else’s and lessons are ours to keep!!

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Anuj Sharma

I am based out of Shimla. Writing is my passion, and a part of my livelihood. I started writing here almost 3+ years ago and couldn't stop ever!! Apart from Twalkitout, I run an E-Commerce consulting Company named Omex E-commerce Pvt. Ltd. out of Shimla.

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