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In technical world, everyone is talking about cloud in terms of how important and beneficial it has been to businesses. The cloud has had a significant impact on our lives than we actually think; it has impacted how we communicate, how and where we can access information. Cloud computing has even impacted on economics and developing countries. It want be wrong if we say that cloud not only has simplified the way business is done but it has also touched our day to day life in myriad ways.

In this article I will list major ways that will explain how cloud technology has already transformed the way people lives and the direction the work is changing.

       1. Faster communication


We can communicate and get connected with anyone online in a matter of seconds irrespective of the location. Rise in the use of social media, online news channels, Skype and cloud communications tools such as browser based web conferencing platforms and other cloud communication methods is the next stage in the shrinking of the world. Cloud tools have brought about an irresistible global consciousness and actual sense of togetherness and its developments its web technology.

       2. Accessibility and Fame

Today cloud computing has turn out to be the biggest platform for celebrities where they can promote and talk about their lives thus we get to know each and every small information regarding them. All this information is used up by the media people for their reporting purposes. Young talented singers can easily get their music published and watched on youTube and can build up their following on twitter, facebooks and other platforms for the fame and promotion. In all I can say that today game of fame is completely altered and cloud has had a huge hand in it.

      3. Public Services

Cloud makes it easy to share information quickly and safely. Public services like healthcare and law enforcement are also getting benefits from cloud. Time after time important data needs to be passed between locations, departments and teams thus cloud computing enables that to happen instantly and leading to better services being offered to the public.

Below are ways the cloud has changed the way business is done.

      4. Business offering a greater selection of products

Cloud has made it possible for companies to find, manage relationships and refine ordering protocols with larger number of suppliers. Cloud has enabled small businesses to handle much greater number of relationships with suppliers.

     5. Reduce Price

Cloud enables data to be shared with ease thus allowing resources to be distributed more skilfully.

     6. Small Business Partnerships

Cloud does not only push prices down for starting up a business but also minimizes the cost and complexity of partnering with other businesses by making it easier to use APIs of other applications.

     7.Mobile Workforces

Cloud is leading to a world characterized by a mobile workforce as it enables greater collaboration on any computing device from anywhere in the world.  Cloud based collaboration is becoming more common as it is travelling from building deeper bonds on the loose bonds.

      8.The Learning Organization

The cloud is also enabling organizations to transform themselves into learning centers that create a workforce more educated and informed than ever before.

In future how cloud will change our lives?

Cloud is the limelight of a far reaching technology that has re-wired the way we live. It’s not too far when you will interact with your house and your health, works etc differently.

  1. Smart Homes

Imagine a house where light switch on when you wake up and switch off when you leave, thermostats that adjust themselves based on ambient temperature or whether anybody is at home,  home security systems arm themselves once you leave the house, and appliances will send you updates on their performance, or alert you to any necessary maintenance. These  houses that everyone used to watch in cartoons but it’s not too late when all these features will be installed in houses where everything is connected through the cloud.


  1. Smart Health

The cloud is also revamping healthcare technology, opening up all kinds of exciting options that enable patients and doctors to collect and analyse more health information than ever before.

Moreover, companies are working on smart watches and other wearable accessories that help in monitoring brain waves, glucose levels, cardiovascular health and other vital signs.

  1. Driverless Cars

A lot of the driverless car’s processing is executed in the cloud. Soon cars will be able to communicate with each other thus allowing them to send hazard warnings or traffic notices. Driverless cars could also eliminate the dangers of speeding, or drunk or distracted driving. Possibly, traffic congestion could become a thing of the past, decreasing commuting times and increasing leisure opportunities. However, this technology would also drastically impact those who make their living in transportation, like cab or truck drivers.

  1. Classrooms in the Cloud

Cloud has made collaboration between students and teachers easy.  Digital resources are slowly eliminating textbooks, allowing students to access them through a “virtual locker,” which is also leading to a slow phasing out of expensive copiers and printers.

It won’t be wrong if we say that in coming five or ten years maybe textbooks will give way to apps and game-based learning. E-learning may overtake face-to-face learning. Tablets and smartphones may be replaced by sleeker, smarter mobile devices.

The Cloud: It’s Everywhere

The cloud enables greater productivity and efficiency than ever before. That’s how it has become an essential technology which has transformed our world. The Cloud places the world literally at our fingertips, with navigation and entertainment and resources available at the press of a touch screen. Cloud offers many ways to rely solely on somebody’s own efforts and resources. It will help the small scale company to do complex modelling of a product. It will help in collaboration, developing products, testing ideas cheaply and quickly.


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