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I believe in telling stories, listening to other’s, traveling places, learning from all around, offering help and a firm believer in random acts of kindness.

I am a Computer Science Graduate running a startup in hill’s queen Shimla. I have worked on technology, written n no. of lines of code, written 2^n lines of blogs and love networking with people.

Twalkitout Began as a medium to express my thoughts while I was working in an MNC in Bangalore in December 2012. It served as a platform for me to learn more everyday and I evolved with my writing and the journey still continues. This blog taught me how to earn a living from writing.

After as couple of years of striving and discovering what I loved doing most, I decided to quit my corporate job and startup again (my first startup was from my hostel room in fourth year). The journey has been a thrilling one and taught me a lot of patience.

Anuj Sharma


Company: Omex eCommerce Pvt. Ltd

Startup: Bhaaiji, Your Local Delivery Boy

Twitter: @njay005


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