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Bootstrap at Breakfast Bangalore 0

Bootstrap at Breakfast Bangalore

Bootstrap at Breakfast Bangalore -38 – Join other entrepreneurs if you would like to eat problems for breakfast, compare notes with others, exchange ideas, learn from others’ mistakes, brainstorm with peers, find partners, indulge...

explocity spelling bee 0

Explocity Bangalore 1st Annual Spelling Bee

Explocity Bangalore 1st Annual Spelling Bee is the 1st Annual Spelling Bee competition to be held at the Jyoti Nivas College Auditorium. The event constitutes kids aging 13-15 years competing for the title. Those interested...


Open Hack Weekend Bangalore-2

Don’t just wait for the BIG idea, start learning with small ideas/hacks. When the BIG idea happens, you will be ready to implement it better. At Open Hack Weekend, our focus is to build...


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