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Great Speech by Charlie Chaplin

TWALKITOUT: One of the forgotten but Great Speech by Charlie Chaplin that may date back but still applies. Tries to explain nothing has changed except the shift of power from hands to hands.


Summer Festival Shimla 2013

TWALKITOUT: Summer Festival Shimla is back with a glitter. Authorities trying to put up maximum show in the funds available, locals and tourists are going to have a long fun filled week ahead! 1st...


Stimulus: The Annual Fest of IGMC

TWALKITOUT: Report Stimulus, the annual fest of IGMC (Indira Gandhi Medical College) Shimla is one of the most awaited and keenly celebrated occasions in Shimla. It’s a center of attraction, medium to show case...


Rachel Zoe’s time to ponder upon

Rachel Zoe Rosenzweig, also known as Rachel Zoe a Los Angeles-based distinguished stylist, editor and designer.  A name well known for an insight of glamor and glitters of fashion and design for over two...


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