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JUST FOR WOMEN Traveling Experiences – F5 Escapes

TWALKITOUT: F5 Escapes is an alternate travel company, based in and around Bangalore specializing in curating memorable travel experiences, just for WOMEN. Bootstrapped company kicked the first goal with savings of the founder. Alternate travel concepts like “just for women traveling experiences” with curated services are what build traction and promises for F5 Escapes, the women-only travel startup.


TripOrTrap- Travel Reviews Discussions and Ratings to Plan your Travel

TWALKITOUT: Travel reviews discussions and ratings to plan your travel could caution you before getting trapped in a junk hotel. is an online travel information website which assists travelers on Destinations to choose, places to visit, tips for convenience via blogs, travelogues, forum & discussion Boards and providing platform to post Hotel reviews and opinions related to their travel experience.


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