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iPhone 6 Predicted Looks with Larger Screen

Apple supposedly plans to launch iPhone 6 somewhere by the end of this year and if your agree with designer Federico Ciccarse, iPhone 6 predicted Looks with Larger Screen seem to be quite close...

whatspp now free on iOS 2

WhatsApp now free on iOS

TWALKITOUT: The top cross-platform messaging app WhatsApp now free on iOS. It is not completely free though. It will now follow the subscription model that it uses on all other platforms including Android and...

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WWDC ROUNDUP: iOS 7 a Copy Cat?

TWALKITOUT: Kavin Kumar Apple, as a company has two different stories – With Steve Jobs and Without Steve Jobs. When Jobs was there, Apple rose into an undisputed brand in the Technology Universe. And...


Apple Mac Pro at WWDC: Most Powerful Machine Ever!

TWALKITOUT: “Can’t innovate anymore, my ass.” Exclaimed Apple executive Phill at the launch ceremony of Apple’s most powerful machine Apple Mac Pro workstation. It’s a cylindrical desktop computer and the most powerful machine built...


Is Apple Missing The ‘JOBS’ touch?

TWALKITOUT: Trends for the most valuable company across the globe are not looking in favor as yet again we see a dip in Apple’s share price, the lowest in past 11 months. Apple’s basement...


Apple NOT Developing a Cheaper iPhone

TWALKITOUT: Earlier this week internet was pouring with the rumors and reports of Apple coming up with the concept of cheaper iPhone to counter its competitors launching devices in a variety of cost bands....


Steve Jobs Film Coming in APRIL

TWALKITOUT: jOBS, the independent film about former Apple CEO Steve Jobs, will arrive in theaters in April, the movie’s distributors announced Thursday.The film will star Ashton Kutcher as Jobs and is expected to premiere...


List of Top 10 iOS Apps(free) of 2012

TWALKITOUT: List of top ten iOS apps(free) of 2012 as reported by AppData Google Maps : Up against the self-threatened maps from Apple, Google maps stand alone as the top most used application on...


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