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Film Production House in India: Startup out of league

TWALKITOUT: We watch movies, music videos, ads and serials on television, all this work has a well-organized team of professionals behind the scenes led by a team leader. You could very well call him an entrepreneur. We are talking about Snow Leopard, Film production house in India, a start-up out of league.


Independent Filmmakers In India -An Insight

TWALKITOUT: The do-it-yourself movement has revolutionized filmmaking and made it feasible for independent filmmakers in India to make movies. As we watch Youtube becoming a stage to showcase talent, people with added passion and vision want to go far beyond that. Indian cinema on the contrary has stood up parallel to the global trends growing up as a uniform looking mesh of un-organized sector.


About Independent Filmmaking

TWALKITOUT: Film Production is basically the process of making a film. Film making involves various stages of an initial story, idea, or commission, through scriptwriting, casting, shooting, editing, and screening the finished product before...


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