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How to Track Workout Progress

TWALKITOUT: Indians are becoming more and more health conscious! We buy green-tea, oat meals, eat healthy breakfast and we exercise too. But most of us measure our index of health only on how much...


Top Stories of December: Round-Up

TWALKITOUT: Last month of 2012 stamped it with some unforgettable tormenting stories. Here’s a round up if you missed out on anything. >> Punishment for Rape in INDIA >> 2012’s Winners and Losers >>...


Top 5 Exercises to lose belly fat

TWALKITOUT: Nobody likes the persistent belt of fat around the belly. But it’s the first place that fat starts accumulating. Although there is no way to suddenly reduce fat from any part of the...


Eat Healthy Breakfast To Lose FAT

TWALK IT OUT: Breakfast (literally meaning to break the fasting period of the prior night) is the first meal taken after rising from a night’s sleep, most often eaten in the early morning before...


Bangalore Techies go Fitness freak

Bangalore: Pioneer in technology, this city is coming up with a lot more than just what is expected out of it. A neo-rich society comprising mostly of  young people having a bundle of hard-earned...


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