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Sneak Peek into NDTV Volvo XC Adventure

Recently I had a chance to interview Chirag Saraswati, one of the participants of NDTV Volvo XC Adventure. It’s one of a kind competition in India, which you can participate in, if you have...

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Why Direct Subsidy to Bank??

TWALKITOUT: With the phasing in of LPG subsidy to bank, a new process steps in as an experiment to implement a tool to achieve numerous goals in an integrated manner. Direct subsidy to bank...


Film Production House in India: Startup out of league

TWALKITOUT: We watch movies, music videos, ads and serials on television, all this work has a well-organized team of professionals behind the scenes led by a team leader. You could very well call him an entrepreneur. We are talking about Snow Leopard, Film production house in India, a start-up out of league.

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Flash FREEZE Mob in India

TWALKITOUT: Recently we witnessed one of its kind flash freeze mob in India. With a whistle, almost everyone standing in front of the Town Hall on the Mall Road, Shimla stood still as the passersby looked at the frozen ones, some in usual and some in really artistic gestures. It was something different that happened to Shimla.


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